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Non-Professional Permit to Carry Weapons Training

This course was formerly known as Firearm Safety. Handgun owners must take this course and pass the written exam to be eligible to carry a concealed weapon permit in Iowa. The participant must have a background check performed by their County Sheriff’s department before or after taking the course in order to receive the permit. The class will be taught by a certified Instructor from the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy. The course will contain information on Iowa Laws regarding Permit to Carry. Please do not bring your firearm to the college for the class. Instructor: Rob Hegenbarth

Course #54187
T     1/24    6-10p   510H    $49
Course #54188
T     2/21    6-10p   518H    $49
Course #54189
TH   3/23    6-10p   510H    $49

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