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Production Welding

Award: Diploma (Certificate Option Available)
Two Semesters & One Summer Term
Fall semester entry
Spring entry optional—not guaranteed full-time enrollment and will not complete in one year.

If you enjoy using high-tech equipment and want a great job in manufacturing or other industries, NCC’s Production Welding program can help you achieve your goals. The Production Welding diploma program emphasizes all major welding and cutting processes. A Welding certificate is available to students who desire training in only one welding process and is based on availability.

As a Production Welding student you will gain hands-on knowledge of metallurgy, blueprint reading, the properties and identification of metals, welding symbols, and repair procedures. You will also learn to identify and understand welding defects, prevent distortion of metals, and design and fabricate products in a recently remodeled lab. You can perfect your skills through extensive hands-on training on state-of-the-art equipment such as a robotic welder.

The Production Welding program offers students the opportunity to train for certification of structural pipe using mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum in AWS (American Welding Society), ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), and API (American Petroleum Industry Codes. Certification test(s) are administered in conjunction with the Continuing Education Office.

Where will I get a job?
Job opportunities are endless. Current needs far outweigh qualified applicants in all areas. You could work as a production welder or pipe welder in countless industries. You could also work in construction welding for structural bridge and building contractors or in a welding repair shop. In the past several years, placement has been 100% for those graduates seeking employment in welding areas.

How much $ will I make?
Typical starting salary begins at around $13–$20 an hour in the local area. Students who are willing to take on extra training in a unique field such as underwater welding will be able to make $35,000–$54,000 in their first year.

What kind of classes will I take?
Approximately one hour a day will consist of lecture and the rest will all be hands-on work in the welding lab.

What’s unique about this program?
NCC has top of the line technology including robotic welders that are more advanced than many of the welders that are currently seen in the local industry. NCC also places their students in a variety of hands-on situations in order to learn by doing.
Student Profile
• Good understanding of basic math concepts
• Enjoy working with their hands

Fall Semester


Course #
Title Credits
MFG185-E OSHA/Shop Safety
Machine Trade Print Reading I
WEL120-E Oxy Fuel Welding & Cutting 2
WEL152-C Shielded Metal-Arc Welding
WEL308-C Pipe Welding

Spring Semester


WEL206-C Quality Assurance Program
WEL187-C Advanced GMAW 4
WEL191-C Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
WEL200-C Metallurgy Fundamentals 2
WEL320-C Welding Fabrication 3
Elective Communications*      3

Summer Term


Elective Math*
Introduction to Robotics

*You may select any math or communications course with A, E, or C suffix.

*Certificate Option


MFG185-E OSHA/Shop Safety
Machine Trade Print Reading I
  Welding Credits


Robert Hoting

Instructor at NCC since: 1997
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Text 712-301-2573 or 712-301-1401
Call 800-352-4907

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