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Diversity Support

Why should I go to college?
65% of today's jobs require more than a high school diploma, but less than a 4-year degree. Collision Repair and Refinishing graduates can find earnings up to $10/hour. Heavy Equipment and General machining students often find jobs starting at $10-$13/hour. Graduates of the Industrial Instrumentation & Control program often make $17-$20/hour. Nursing graduates can expect to earn $17-$24/hour. These are just a few examples of the earning potential after graduating from NCC.

What about financial costs?
There are many ways to finance a college education. Grants, loans, scholarships and private pay may be the key to your success.

What are my options?
You can enroll full or part-time in one or two year programs. With over 40 programs to choose from, NCC is the place for you!

What is NCC's Admissions Policy?
The College exists to provide lifelong learning opportunities. NCC has an "open-door" policy for all persons of post-high school age. Admission is granted on the basis of an individual's interest, aptitude, previous experience, career objective and ability to benefit. NCC is open to individuals who meet the above requirements and can benefit from the education. (Compliance with Civil Rights Title VI, VII, IX, X, and Rehabilitation Act.)

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