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Welcome to the new NCC page for High School personnel. On this page you will find links to all the information that concerns your students. The clipboard on the left has one set of links, and there are more below. In the left column there are links for concurrently enrolled students, and in the right you will find links to information that graduating seniors will need.

Also we want to introduce you to the Featured School page. We want to celebrate the partnership that we have with your school. Let us know what you want to see included each month.

Concurrent Enrollment After High School
High School Pages
On these pages you will find the information on scheduling & registration form important to your school.
Alternative High School Plan a Visit
How to Access My Place portal Tuition and Financial Aid
Benefits of Joint Enrollment Compass/ACT
Articulation with All High Schools Student Life 
Learning Center/Credit Recovery Academics
Services for Students High School Equivalency Diploma
Span II Calendar of Events

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