Learning Center / Credit Recovery

The NCC Learning Center provides two kinds of services for our high school students. Any student who is taking a college class may come for free tutoring.

They also provide high school credit courses for two groups of students.
  • Full-time high school students who need to take an additional course or make up a missed course. This is commonly referred to as Credit Recovery.
  • Adult students (18 years and older) who are seeking the NCC Adult High School diploma.
Credit courses are offered as independent study, although students are encouraged to do their work in the Learning Center.
  • Tuition is payable at the time of registration, and there are no refunds.
  • Students have six months from the day they enroll to complete a course.
  • Extensions are granted only with a repayment of the current tuition.
  • Students must meet the academic requirements on daily work and on testing in order to successfully complete the course.
  • A book deposit is required before students may take a book home. This is refunded when the book is returned.
For more information download the High School Credits brochure, or:

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