Northwest Iowa Community College works with high schools to provide services to fifth-year seniors who have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).
Services to students in this program include:
• Specialized tutoring
• Academic counseling
• Career assessment

SPAN II serves an average of 10-15 students each year. Students who participate in this program must be recommended by the high school. If you are a parent or student desiring this service, please contact your high school counselor prior to graduation. The student’s IEP is developed and managed by the high school, with input from the NCC SPAN II Coordinator.

The SPAN II office is located in the NCC Learning Center.

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History of the SPAN Program

Since 1982, SPAN (Secondary Program at NCC) has existed on the NCC campus. This program was developed to provide support to fifth year special education students who were attending NCC on an IEP.

Funding for SPAN originally came from the Area 4 Special Education Pool. When AEA 4 notified Northwest Iowa Community College that it would be eliminating SPAN funding, NCC worked with local school districts to develop SPAN II-- an alternative program that continues to support students as they make the transition to post-secondary education.

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