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To register for a jointly enrolled class through NCC, students need to contact their high school guidance counselor. A list of classes offered through your school is listed below.

Please contact: Todd McDonald, 712-737-4871

Arts & Science Courses: The General Registration Form contains course options available to students at MOC High School, online, or at NCC's campus. Course options are selected for high school students based on their transferability rate and past student success.
General Registration Form

Career and Technical Courses: The Career and Technical Program Registration Form contains college courses available at NCC in the career and technical fields. Course options allow students to gain hands-on experience in an area of their interest while obtaining college credit. Space is limited in some program areas. 

Career and Technical Program Registration Form

EntrePrep:  EntrePrep is a unique program for highly motivated and creative students. The program teaches students what is needed to start their own business and succeed. Students will participate in a summer institute at NCC, conduct an internship at a local business, and participate in workshops throughout the year. Three college credits will be obtained by all participants. To apply, complete the EntrePrep Application and Registration Form.
EntrePrep Registration Form

Teacher Recommendation Form

Counselor Recommendation Form

Course Catalog: Not seeing what you are looking for? Check out the catalog for all options available at NCC. Descriptions of each course and CTE program are available in the NCC Course Catalog.

NCC Course Catalog
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